Digital Story Telling

Our most recent project for ECI 201 was to create a digital story. Since I want to teach fourth grade I decided I was going to have my story coincide with a fourth grade social studies standard.

4.h.1 Analyze the chronology of key historical events in North Carolina history.


I would assign an assignment such as this for an end of the year project to wrap up all the things we had learned about NC. I had a really good time planning this video and getting creative with the content. The favorite part of my video is my story line by far. It’s just so cute and it encompasses all the things I really love about North Carolina. If I had been able to have actual people in my video I would have been a little happier with the content, but none of my friends were available when I was available to partake in the creation of the video so I had to improvise.

This assignment had made me want to further explore video creation and editing and I might start to just take videos of my day to day life and see what happens.




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