Pixar in a Box

Activity 1 

A memory I remember extremely vividly is the first time my grandfather took me hunting. I was three years old and I just remember sitting up in the stand for the first time and feeling like I was on top of the world. I was feeling a lot of joy…one because I was out there with my “fafa” who holds a very special place in my heart, and two because I was the only girl cousin out there. But I was also feeling some fear…not only was I out on the hunt that day but so were my older boy cousins and I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t come back with something to show off. We sat in that stand for four hours and we didn’t see a single deer. When my fafa said we had to leave I was so dissapointed…I felt like I had let him down by not getting anything. As we walked back to the house I continuously apologized to him and then began to cry, the feeling of disappointing my fafa broke my heart. We stopped out there in the middle of the woods and he crouched down and told me that I could make the biggest mistake anyone could possibly make (keep in mind I was three so I was thinking like wet the bed) and he would still love me no matter what. He taught me and still teaches me to this day what it truly means to love someone unconditionally.

Activity 2:

If I had to pick three movies to take with me to a desserted island I would chose…

1) Beauty and the Beast: when I was little and still to this day I am a book worm. In elementary through middle school I got bullied and didn’t have many friends. In fact I didn’t have any friends. In addition to that my parents were getting divorced. It was a rough time. I was in the third grade when I first watched Beauty and the Beast and I instenatiously related to her. Bookworm who everyone thought was own so she just did her own thing. She was one of the only brunette princesses and I am also brunette and since I was going through my akward ugly duckling stage (but lets be real I still havn’t grown out of it) I related to her in that aspect of being brunette and aspired (and still do) to look like her when I grew up!

2) The Sound of Music: I love singing and musicals and I loved and still do love everything about the sound of music. This movie was something I would often use as an escape when I wanted to avoid doing something in the real world.

3) Bedknobs and Broomsticks : I honestly am not sure how I came upon this movie but I do know that my mom and I watched it together for the first time and now to this day it is “our movie”. My mom is my best friend so that is very special to me.

They all have a musical aspect in common. As well an erra of mystery around the main charecrer in each othe films. The differences would be the plots of the movies are all very different.

Activity 3:

  1. What if a nun became the nanny of seven children?
  2. What if a beautiful woman fell in love with a monster of a man?
  3. What if a witch became the mother of three children and defeated the germans?
  4. What if school came easy to me?
  5. What if I was confident in my looks, talents, and abilities?
  6. What if young woman lifted each other up instead of tearing each other down?
  7. What if I was something special?

Activity 4:


a) Belle, the Beast, Gaston; Set in France; I identify the most with Belle;

b) Maria, The father, the children; Set in Austria; I identify the most with the oldest sister

c) Witch, Wizard, three siblings; set in England; I dont really identify with any of the charecters

2. When I mixed the charecters and the movies it was just very odd. But also not because all three of the lead female charecters are very strong and determined.

3. “What if young woman lifted each other up instead of tearing each other down?” I ran the disney princess half marathon last year and there were over 800 woman running this race. We were out there at 3 in the monring and everyone was so nice and happy to be there and uplifitng and positive. Thats what the world would be like with that “what if statement”.


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