When Will My Reflection Show Who I am Inside?

This first half of the semester has been an absolute whirlwind. Between all my classes, my positions within my sorority, and trying to find time to sleep it’s been tough.


One of the bigger challenges this semester was trying to find my voice in this blog. I know we’re writing based off of  a prompt. But I wanted to keep this blog authentically me and not robot me answering Mrs. Brown Parkers questions.  Through my development as a writer and figuring out how to actually use the blog I think I’ve been able to accomplish that!

Before taking ECI 201 I didn’t realize the absolute magnitude and impact that technology had in elementary level classrooms.

I always assumed since the children were younger they were  not as interested in technology and I think that has to do partially with the fact that when I was their age we didn’t have technology like they do now. raw

The most important thing I’ve gained from this semester is how to effectively use technology without just putting a slide on a smart board. But actually having your students  be interactive with the lesson. I would never be able to come up with some of the things that Mrs. Brown Parker and Mrs. Smith have taught us, or ideas my fellow classmates have come up with.

Something we have not talked about as much thus far is how we can use technology to make our lives a bit easier weather that is with grading or the posting of assignments. As the semester continues I’m hoping we get to hear a little bit more of our side of things and maybe a little less about the students. (But don’t get me wrong I love learning about the students!!!)

Basically I’m just super happy I chose Elementary Education because I can’t see myself doing anything else with my life





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