Technology in Schools

Technology is sort of like boys…can’t live with it can’t live without it. I know for myself personally there have been several times that I have wished that the technology in my life would just go away (usually when one of my friends has posted a hideous photo of me), but just as many times as I’ve wished it to go away I’ve been without it and missed having it. It’s very easy to forget just how prominent technology is in our day to day lives…but if you really think about it technology is involved in almost every aspect of our life.

13411658_10209911458451891_9069091607719158154_ohere is a photo evidence of my friend Molly and I after graduation snapchating (aka using technology)  some of our friends, honestly probably boys (funny how that works (see refrence within above paragraph))

Until my Senior year of high school all of my teachers pretty much banned technology use within the classroom, with the exception of like smart boards of course, they stuck with the traditional power point lecture style of class and frankly it was boring and not fun. However my senior year (of course right before I was about to leave) the teachers at my highschool started experimenting with new technologies within the classroom and that was a huge reason why senior year was one of the best years of my highschool years…class was finally fun to attend!!!


here is an example of one of the technologies my teachers began to use my senior year; while many thought kahoot was a waste of time I thoroughly enjoyed it (mostly because I’m very competitive and like to win all the time but whatever floats your boat)

Technology within our schools while at a time was grossly underated is now becoming extremley prominent. The students we teach are a generation that is growing up with all the latest technology and they are extremley “well versed” in the newest technologies.

“By integrating technology into the classroom, teachers are changing the way they used to teach (lectures six hours a day) and providing students with the tools that will take them into the 21st century.”

Since these teachers are now more actively starting to use technology in the classroom the students are becoming more engaged in the lessons and having fun while doing it.

I discovered a website…it has lots of different websites teachers can use to help them with different aspects of teaching/in the classroom

“These web tool can save you a lot of daily hassles that you might not even realize you have been tolerating. Whether you want to move the class newsletter online or try out a flipped classroom, we’re sharing the best sites to do it.”

Teachers also often forget that tecnology is not just a benefit for their students but for them as well! We have more access to a wider range of resources that were not always available before. Gone are the days of printing and waisting 60-70 sheets of paper (although lets face it it still sometimes happens) because we now are capable of sharing documents with our collegues, students, parents of students, and many more.

While some who are a little more “old school” (pun intended) may see technology as a nuissance they will come to find that technology within our schools is a major benefit to ourselves, our students, and the future of education.


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