Digital Natives…Myth or Reality

I can’t count on one hand how many times my grandparents,parents, aunts, uncles, ADULTS have told me that my phone is attached to my hand. As we can see in this photo (taken litterally and I mean LITTERALLY right after we graduated) my friend Molly and I are taking a snapchat to send to all of our digital friends letting them know that we graduated.

By definition I am a “digital native” (noun; A person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and so familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age) Like most 18 year old college students I’m very familiar with how to use snapchat, instagram,twitter, and any other form of SOCIAL MEDIA (captalized for imphasis read as if there is infliction in my voice) you throw at me. However ask me to make a spread sheet on excel and that it might take me and hour or two to figure out.

Now lets talk about my Mom…my mom is very funny she has an instagram, a snapchat, a twitter, and all the social medias that my sister and I have except she uses them in the same way that she would use Facebook…it’s really quite humorous. But there is a lot of technology that she is a “wiz kid” at using (for ex. microsoft excl).

Now my Grandmother she’s 72 years old and is almost about the same caliber as me when it comes to technology usage. She is a smart lady, and since she wanted to be connected to my sister and I she learned how to use all the same technology that we use so that she could keep up with our day to day lives.


here is my grammy, my mom, and myself in Disney World…three very different generations but all members of the digital world!

Basically what I’m saying here that just because I’m a digital native dosn’t mean that I’m more technologigally savvy than someone who is in their 70’s. Being profecint in technology is a choice. I wasn’t born with a cell phone in my hand just like my grandmother wasn’t born with a type writer in hers. Also I would like to point out that when my grandmother was my age I’m sure all the adults in her life also saw her generation as “digital natives” just in a sense that was more relevant to the technology present at that time.

“digital natives are a population not a genration ”

In class when we had the digital natives debate Deena (who was on the same side as me; against the concept of their being digital natives) made the comment that “if someone is to put in the effort to learn how to use technology then they too can be a digital native.” That statment really resonated with me and just drove home my belief that anyone can be apart of this digital world.

Just like any subject in school technology has to be learned and once you “study” it long enough you will eventually become proficient. GOOOooOOOOOOoooOOO Technology , WOO!!


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