Teaching with Twitter

This week we had to participate in a twitter chat with other educators and we also got to video chat with the Principal of West Rowan Middle School. Both of these opportunities were chances for us to see how teacher are able to integrate twitter into their classroom and a change for us to build our PLN, or professional learning network.

I never would have thought that so many teachers would have twitters but there are a ton!

You can use twitter to connect with other eudcators and get ideas of assignments from them, post assignments you do with your students so other teachers can get ideas from you, post info regarding what is happening in your classrooms so your students parents can be informed, and much more!

Some of the favorite twitter accounts from teachers I have found are..

Ms. Fitzgeralds 4th https://twitter.com/fitzgeralds4th

Dr. Susan Jinks https://twitter.com/drjinks

Mrs. Rhyne https://twitter.com/Mrs_Rhyne

The twitter chat was very interesting, because I was the youngest one there I didn’t feel as I had as much to contribute to the conversation. However getting to see some things that current administrators ( I participated in the #admin2b chat https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23admin2b&src=typd)
) said about being a principal really got me excited for all the possibilities in the future. It was also really cool to see, as I said before, how many educators used twitter and used it frequantly at that!

I think I will definitely use twitter to grow my PLN but I also think that there are other ways to expand it. I found this awesome video showcasing what proffesional learning networks are and some ways to grow them!




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